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Ron White's Proven System for Success in Sales (Digital)
Ron White's Proven System for Success in Sales (Digital)

Ron White's Proven System for Success in Sales (Digital)
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Through his sales system, Ron explains in detail, the 7 steps every salesperson who aspires to be the best needs to know. Once you understand the 7 levels of what Ron calls the sales pyramid, you'll know exactly what it takes to become the best in your field.

Because sales isn't about luck.
It's about having a proven system
that works over and over again

And once you've got a system working for you, your sales figures will explode and your income will sky rocket!
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Here are some of the secrets you will
discover in Ron White's Proven System for Success in Sales

• What you must do before you even begin making your sales calls. Skip this at your own peril.

• The worst enemy of your sales career, created by your own mind, and how to defeat it.

• What people like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein did differently from others that put them in "the genius state of mind", and how you can use their secrets to harness the power of your mind and catapult your sales potential to the skies.

• Everyone's mind is underutilized. Here are 3 easy things you can do to tap into your mental powers for sales success.

• What sales professionals do differently to gain access to the big-shot decision makers like CEOs, Presidents, and General Managers… while amateurs waste time and energy calling on people who don't have the means or the authority to buy their product or service.

• Enthusiasm sells, right? WRONG! Getting all excited about your product is not enough. Only the right kind of enthusiasm will get your prospect to buy, and it's revealed in detail on Disc 1, Track 7.

• The 10 commandments of selling. Memorize and apply these rules, and watch your sales figures shoot through the roof!

• The most important element in the sales process. It all starts here. If you neglect this, your success in sales will never take off, even if you mastered everything else in the sales process (i.e. prospecting, asking questions, presentation, follow up, and asking for referrals)
How to build a network of people who will drive truckloads of business to you.

• The surprising reason why reducing the time you spend talking and presenting to your customers can increase your sales.

• Simple steps to positioning yourself as an industry expert. It's a lot easier than most people think, and once you "get it" you'll have a distinct advantage over your competition. Better yet, people will flock to you in droves to buy from you… and only you!

• The one tool (you can create yourself) that can get you "through the door" faster than any brochure or business card ever will. Hint: You probably have a couple of these lying around your home.

• The "empty boxes and orders" mentality and how it practically forces sales success out of you.

• What to do when you're a beginner in your field and don't have any prospects.

• The most powerful way to prospect for sales.

• How to kill the fear of making cold-calls.

• How to get a meeting with an elusive contact that plays "hard-to-get".

• Knowing the features and benefits of your product is important. But if you're interested in hitting the hot-buttons of your prospects and turning them into paying customers, you need to know this even more…

• Stop wrestling with your prospects. Here's a simple twist you can make in your presentation to make sure your prospect agrees with you virtually all the time!

• The six laws to asking effective questions that leads to a sale.
Why you should never answer your prospect's questions with "yes" or "no".

• Great open-ended questions you can ask to get your prospects to tell you exactly what they want to buy.

• Some common questions (many sales trainers teach you to use) that you should NEVER ask and what you should do instead. If you don't know this, you're unwittingly wasting your time, or worse, killing sales!

• How to memorize your product knowledge and recall it almost instantly; no brochures or notes necessary! (Being prepared is vitally important. If you're fumbling all over your presentation, you're telling your prospect that they are not worth your time and effort. In return, they will respond by NOT buying from you. Don't let this happen to you.)

• "I want to think about it…", "It's not in our budget…", "We need to get approval from headquarters…" These are common objections that "rattle the cages" of amateur sales-people. However, these are simply false objections! Discover how you can weed these out, and unearth the real objections in your prospect's mind.

• How to conquer your prospect's objection… even before they tell you about it!

• How to beat the price objection. What to do when they tell you "the price is too high…"

• Why dropping the price to get the sale is simply wrong, wrong, wrong, and what you should always do this first…

• Is your customer already buying from your competitor? Here's how you can seduce them to switch… even though they are very satisfied with your competitor!

• Why you shouldn't give your card and ask your prospect to contact you "in case they change their mind" and what you should do instead to keep the opportunity for a sale wide open.

• The symptoms behind some common objections and how to cure them.
How to obtain testimonials that shine. (When you get your customers to do your bragging for you, you also get them to do the selling for you!)
Buyer's remorse can kill a sale, even after it's made! Here's a special close that can prevent that from happening to you.

• The selling temptation you must avoid that can destroy a completed sale!

• How law enforcers catch criminals, and how this technique can help you increase sales dramatically… and with less work too!

• A little known reason why your customers don't give you referrals when you ask for them… even though they are totally in love with your service and know hundreds of people they can recommend you to. Here's what you should do to get so many referrals, you'll get "writer's cramp" just trying to keep up!

• How to know your customers so well they'll think you work for the CIA.

• What you can do to squeeze more out of every successful sale. Your existing customers are a gold mine just waiting to be mined… if you knew how…

• How you can get your customers to go out of their way to give you repeat business.

• Why tripling your memory power could triple your sales.

• Lots of people buy simply because the sales person remembered their name. Here's the secret to remembering the names of everyone you meet (even for a short time) and recalling it the instant you meet them weeks, months, or years later!

• How to get the business you failed to obtain the first time around.

And much more!