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The Forever Factor
The Forever Factor

The Forever Factor

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Dr. Barber’s revolutionary approach shares how to enjoy more energy, have more vitality, and live a full life. This phenomenal anti-aging book touts the secrets of longevity in a whole new light. Imagine controlling your weight through an easy, healthy lifestyle. Imagine turning back the clock on wrinkles and other signs of aging. Imagine having the knowledge to improve and extend your life. Imagine bringing passion and vigor back into your sex life. Imagine arming yourself against sickness with a stronger immune system. Baby boomers worldwide face the daily challenges of getting older. Diminishing appearance, energy, and health are seemingly inevitable, but scientific and medical breakthroughs provide new hope!

In this new book, The Forever Factor, Dr. James Barber attacks aging at its very causes—suggesting methods that prevent and counteract its effects. The Forever Factor is a comprehensive resource that illustrates how simple changes in diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and attitude can dramatically change the rate at which the body ages. The Forever Factor offers the easiest, most effective way to add years to your life, and life to your years.

Dr. James Barber is one of the world’s foremost authorities on longevity and anti-aging medicine. In his long crusade to extend the length and quality of life he has not only studied how and why the body ages, but how we can slow or even reverse the process. Dr. Barber now makes these life-changing medical breakthroughs available to you. Reviews - This book provides very useful and practical information on changes most people can make that will enable them to live a healthier and more enjoyable life. Dr. Barber does a good job explaining why he makes the suggestions he makes - such as detailing what each vitamin does in our body (what its function is) and what the upper limits of consumption should be. He also discusses free radicals and their role in the development of human disease. This is a fairly complicated topic but he presents the material in a way that it can be understood. Additionally, it is an enjoyable book to read because Dr. Barber includes things from his own life that give the book more meaning.