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Optimum Flexibility
Optimum Flexibility

Optimum Flexibility

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Gain Optimum Flexibility To Relax Every Muscle and Joint in Your Body With an Easy, Complete Stretching Exercise Program

1) DVD # 1

‘Optimum Flexibility’ - The Ultimate Stretching Exercise Program

This 45 minute routine gives you everything you need, and leaves out everything you don’t need. Extremely safe and highly effective - you will begin to feel looser and more energetic after just the first time going through this simple program.

($29.99 When Sold Separately - See Below For Summer Special Offer)

2) DVD # 2 (3 programs)

‘Optimum Flexibility - Quick Stretch’

This 12 minute routine gives you almost all the benefits of the above program (provided you’ve been doing the long program once or twice per week), but in much less time. (Perfect for busy people!)

When you are short on time, don’t skip the stretch - just do the ‘QuickStretch’. Great for just before your game or for a power boosting morning stretch to get you going.

‘The Stress Buster’

We decided to add this one last minute, even though you’ll need someone to help. It is so simple but stunningly effective - it will knock your socks off, and anyone you do it to!!

The Best Stretches on The Exercise Ball

Nobody wants to spend 90 minutes on the exercise ball - but some programs are designed to have you do just that. Totally Unrealistic!! I show you exactly how to do only the best, most effective stretches you will ever need to do on the ball in about ten minutes. The only side affects here are a powerful adrenaline rush and the feeling that you’ve grown 3 inches!! ($27.95 When Sold Separately - See Below For Summer Special Offer)

3) Immediate Download Exercises

Upon the completion of your transaction, to get you started as soon as possible, you will receive photos and instructions for 2 full body, tension & tightness relieving stretches AND 4 Core (Abs, Hips, Lower & Mid back) Strengthening Exercises. (These exercises are worth their weight in gold!) (You will get this immediately after your transaction & it will also come to you by automatic email - PRINT IT AND SAVE IT TO YOUR FAVORITES AS WELL). ($25.99 When Sold Separately - See Below For Summer Special Offer)