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ABS of Steel

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Abdominal/Core Exercises For A Super Flat Stomach, Lean & Sexy Abs And A Perfectly Sculpted Core With No More Love Handles And No More Stomach Fat...
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Level 1) Beginners Workout AND Warm up for Intermediate & Advanced Users
- $24.97 - when sold separately

This DVD includes 13 exercises, each with at least 2 -3 variations for various beginner levels (over 30 total exercise variations), all targeting the entire abdominal area, the lower & mid back and ALL layers of the CORE. (Also includes a Pre & Post workout 8 minute Core Stretch Routine)

Level 2) Intermediate Training Program
- $24.97 - when sold separately

This DVD includes 16 exercises, (with 11 additional variations - all targeting the same areas as above, but at a higher intensity.) (Also included are between set, transition stretches.) I also introduce you to 2 of the lowest cost, most effective ab/core devices that you can find for between $8 and $35 (or free in your neighbors garage!!) - no big machine can ever do what these little gems can do for you.)

Level 3) Advanced Training Program
- $24.97 - when sold separately

This DVD includes 17 exercises (& 2 extra variations), with 5 additional High Intensity Ab/Core variations (Medicine Ball & Incline Bench required for these Bonus Exercises) -(24 exercises total) all targeting the same areas as above, at the highest - but SAFEST intensity. NOTE - My programs are based on Exercise Science, but structured according to the Science of Modern Day Reality.

What good is a scientifically based program if you can't take it out of the 'research lab' and apply to real life people, with real life jobs and real life families. If you want a program that is more science, as opposed to usable substance you'll have to keep looking. My program cuts to the chase & gives you the answers on the spot. If you are like most people you don't have the time or the need to learn the Why, the How, the What kind of stuff - You just want to know what to do and you'll do it, period.

Level 4) Advanced Maintenance Combining Method (This is in the Progression Sequence Outline)- 19.99 (FREE with Special Orders)

After you get the look you desire, all you have to do is maintain it. And despite what you may have heard from 'others' - its not as hard as everyone says. Just follow this Advanced Maintenance Method and everything you've achieved will stay right where you want it.

It includes 'The Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Diet, Pocket Handbook' - a Seven Day, Meal by Meal/Food by Food Menu taken straight from my 'Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Nutrition Plan - with Fat Melting, calorie guidance for men and women. Follow this simple fat burning plan if you just want to tone up or if you have some serious weight to lose. - $37.95 (FREE with Special Orders)

The Handbook also includes a section called 'The Truth About Cardio' - If you want truly Sexy, Chiseled Abs, a Flat Stomach with No More Love Handles, you have to know, How Much, How Long, Which Days and What Types of cardio you need to be doing in order to be able to see the awesome & sexy midsection you possess. I answer all of those questions.

The Handbook also includes a section called, "Insider Tips For Losing Body Fat Permanently". These tips are my personal tools and philosophy for being fit and lean forever and they are the same principles I teach to my personal clients - the ones who follow them find success!

Another body-changing section in the Handbook is, 'My Secret Seven' - The Seven Best, Fat Melting,Body Toning Bed-Time Snacks. I know evenings can be tough when you are trying to eat right and stay away from fat producing, junk food calories. It used to be one of my most challenging times until I learned about these foods and starting using them each night as my fat burning 'desert'. Crush your cravings, stop all temptations and watch your body transorm itself with 'My Secret Seven'.

The Seven Absolute Best Ab, Core & Lower Back Stretches DVD Bonus Footage for an athletic, flexible and pain free body. This valuable bonus footage is included on DVD - Level one - This is great for warming up, cooling down and relaxing all of the muscles of the midsection & Lower Back. If you paly golf, tennis, baseball or softball these stretches alone will bring your game up 'a few notches'. - $29.85 (FREE with Special Orders)

The Awesome Eight DVD (dvd # 4) - 8 Unique BodyWeight, Upper Body Exercises you can do anywhere, anytime to give your upper body that chiseled, toned, sexy, defined, lean and complete look that everybody wants but only few are willing to achieve. This one will knock your socks off! No Weights, No Gym - NO PROBLEM - This one takes away all excuses!- $25.97 (FREE with Special Orders)

Ultimate Stair Exercises For Total Conditioning e-book - This is a 99 page fitness/workout e-book that you will not find anywhere else. My fitness colleague, Virgil Aponte, put this together specifically for the Abs and Core Package. The only thing you need is a stair case, & the Fat Loss/Toning results you get are nothing short of stunning. You get this as an Immediate Download once you purchase Abs/Core so you can get your self going, while the big package makes its way to you through the mail. (It comes to you on the screen following your transaction - to save to your favorites & download.) - $37.95 (FREE with Special Orders)

Fitness Insider Training & Nutrition Secrets E-book - This 60 page ebook, put together by another fitness colleague, Mike Geary, is loaded with extremely valuable, usable, fat burning & muscle toning information. It also comes to you as an Immediate Download following your transaction. - $14.95 (FREE with Special Orders)