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Ultimate Upper Body Workouts
Ultimate Upper Body Workouts

Ultimate Upper Body Workouts

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Get A Lean, Athletically Defined & Sexy Upper Body With A Fast Results Upper Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

'Ultimate Upper Body - BodyWeight Workouts' - 3 DVD Training Plan

1) DVD # 1 - Level # 1 - 'The Awesome Eight':

Eight unique, simple and focused upper body BodyWeight exercises you can do anywhere, anytime for stunning results. This DVD also gives at least 6 variations of these exercises to account for your specific fitness level. This DVD 'primes the pump' & prepares your body for some amazing changes that come in the next levels of this program. ($25.97 When Sold Seperately)

2) DVD # 2 - Level # 2 - 'The Incredible Eleven':

Eleven laser targeted, upper body exercises (with at least 4 extra variations) that help you take things to the next level. No machines or weights can ever come close to what this program has done for my upper body & I'm sure the same will hold true for you. ($25.97 When Sold Seperately)

3) DVD # 3 - Level # 3 - 'The Strong & Sexy Seventeen':

By this time, you are ready to finally get to where you want to be with how you look and feel. This DVD takes you there. It is my best stuff for super effective upper body workouts - nothing less! ($25.97 When Sold Seperately)

4) Upper Body Workout Progression Plan Cards:

Each DVD comes with its own progression plan. Together they form a system that is totally mapped out for you - rep by rep, set by set, day by day, week by week - NO GUESSWORK FOR YOU! ($17.99 Each - ALL FREE with Pre-Hoilday Special Orders)

5) Advanced Maintenance Combining Method:

This training card maps out exactly how to maintain your new upper body & totally defies a bogus fitness myth that you 'have to work harder to stay fit than you do to get fit'. This is a joke, and my Maintenance Method shows you how to workout smarter, not harder, in order to keep what you've worked for. ($22.99 - FREE with All Pre-Holiday Special Orders)

6) The Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Diet Handbook:

This is my hot E-book that comes to you for immediate download on the 'thank you' page after your transaction AND in your order 'thank you' email from Joey Atlas. Its a Seven Day, Meal by Meal/Food by Food Menu taken straight from my 'Blow-Torch Fat-Loss Nutrition Plan - with Fat Melting, calorie guidance for men and women. No supplements, no crazy diet foods - just time tested fat loss nutrition with foods you can get at any grocery store. ($37.95 - FREE with All Pre-Holiday Special Orders)